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Are You Ready To Skyrocket
Your EU Amazon Business?

Are your sales dropping day by day in your Amazon US store? Would you like to tap into a more profitable, proven and underground market and finally step up your game? It’s time for you to enter the rewarding European Amazon Market having HUGE possibilities and less competition.

SatiSupp is here
to help you every step of the way!


Product Listing Optimization and Translation

Language is a barrier and overcoming this barrier can make or break your business. You need someone who is well-versed in not only the language but culture; you need someone who knows the ins and outs of translating marketing content and this is where we step in.

Our professional marketing experts leave no stone unturned when it comes to conducting research, optimizing listing for each marketplace and crafting keyword-rich product descriptions that help you stand out from the crowd. HTML formatting of product descriptions makes it even more enticing!

Compelling titles, bullet points and back-end keywords are simply icing on the cake – all set to boost your business.


FBA Account Management

Building a strong relationship with your customers and offering support in their regional language can do wonders to your business. We will create and optimize trustworthy email templates customized for each Amazon marketplace (EN/DE/IT/ES/FR). Right from setting up email automation frequency using a revolutionary tool Feedback Genius, translating your listings and responding to your buyer’s messages – we handle everything for you.

Your customer satisfaction is our first priority and this is the reason our response time is just 8 hours. Using our superior services, you can convert seller feedback into review and also request removal of negative seller feedback.

Not only this, it is possible to respond to FAQs listed on your Amazon listings and by monitoring listings regularly, it is also possible to contact with unhappy customers and try to resolve their issues in order to avoid negative feedback. Weekly/ Monthly inventory and sales reports keep your business on track!


Setting Up and Managing PPC Campaigns

Apart from effectively listing your products, running a Pay Per Click (PPC) campaign is a tremendously powerful and very lucrative method for sellers to drive substantial sales for their products, increase the potential for more reviews, and boost visibility for new products.

What’s more interesting is that sellers can now set up Amazon PPC campaigns through the Amazon PPC advertising platform. The platform allows you to set up automatic product ads, which allows you to quantify your exposure, optimize your listing by checking the click through rate and sale rate by keyword, and even find new keywords.
Whether you are already a big brand or just a new seller, this opportunity can help you sell more inventory faster, while increasing your organic rankings as well. But that’s only if it’s set up and managed properly.

We can help you do that!

PPC management is a complex job and we’ll help you make sure you are getting the most out of your campaigns. We’ll optimize your campaigns to drive significant traffic to your Amazon listings, as well as monitor the monthly reporting.