About us

The truth is that the “world” of Amazon is multi-layered. What does this mean; Skills, risks and strong “allies” are needed to create a relationship with the global market. That’s the way for international sellers who want to be a part of the new era of e-commerce worldwide.

So, if you ask yourself how this will come about, it is enough to find your own ‘’bridge of communication’’ between those people who do not hesitate to take risks, to invest and to have their own entity in the field of e-commerce, thanks to technology.

If this sounds right to you… allow us to introduce you to SatiSupp, a company whose vision is to bring a new “wind of change” to Amazon. So here we are, a team of 20 people based on innovation, entrepreneurship, open communication, equality and most of all our belief in the power of education and know-how.

The company, therefore, responding to the rhythms of the modern era is here to win the “bet” of our time which is one: The modern businessman has the possibility to be active in Amazon, gaining inexhaustible scope for development, through the geographical, temporal and financial freedom, that will lead him into the new era. How is this possible? By navigating his international business through the turbulent Amazon markets.

We could talk for hours about what the future of Amazon is, so please get in touch with us to arrange a call.



No matter where you have your e-commerce going right now, no matter if you are already on Amazon US and thinking about all the opportunities on Amazon in other countries, no matter if you started thinking right now about entering the competitive Amazon marketplaces in other countries and not only at yours, our vision at SatiSupp is to launch your Amazon business internationally or navigating your international business through the turbulent Amazon market. SatiSupp, after all, can develop beyond geographical, temporal and financial boundaries. The modern entrepreneur who will be active in the e-commerce industry will gain inexhaustible scope for development through this geographical, temporal and financial freedom.

Who are we?

«The persistent one»

Achilleas Daskalakis


Born on July 4, 1991 in Athens, Achilleas from an early age was persistent and always wanted to achieve his goals, exactly as he had set them in his mind. He studied at the Economics Department of the University of Piraeus and completed several internships in the field of sales, which has always been one of his passions, because interacting with customers and responding to their expectations is one of those elements of the industry that fascinates him. In 2013, his application was accepted to study at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands at the School of Economics and Business, in the Master’s program in Strategy & Innovation Management. That’s where his involvement with the magical world of e-commerce began, while three years of successful progress followed. Childhood friends and room-mates in Groningen with Konstantinos Theodoridis decided to return to Greece and pass on the knowledge they acquired about e-commerce. Thus, SatiSupp was born, with the ultimate goal of being the driving force that will lead entrepreneurship into the new era.

«The innovator»

Konstantinos Theodoridis


Konstantinos was born in 1990 in Germany and grew up in Munich where he lived for 14 years before coming to Greece to finish school and study Business Administration at the Economical University of Athens. His passion for high quality customer support started during his studies, where he worked at Teleperformance for 3.5 years, first as a customer support consultant and later as a Quality Assurance Analyst for a multinational technology company. In 2014, he did an internship at Experian in Dusseldorf, where he gained useful experiences in the field of online marketing. He followed the master’s program in International Business Administration at the University of Groningen in the Netherlands. There he realized that creating a great customer support experience along with using innovative ideas to promote products around the world is what he wanted to do. Together with his friend and room-mate, Achillea, they decided to take the opportunity and turn to e-commerce and Amazon. The enthusiasm for every pioneer as well as for the new possibilities in this sector are what pushed him to deal with e-commerce and together with Achilleas to found SatiSupp, in order to share with the public, the inexhaustible opportunities it offered the world of e-commerce.

«The artist»

Konstantinos Varsamis


Konstantinos Varsamis also known as “kwnva” is a graphic designer, but he does not stop there as he does 3D modeling and web design. All this, of course, until the cryptos he has invested in go up and he sells his NFTs to leave for the Bahamas. At SatiSupp he makes the packaging, the images, the sites and anything creative, since he is an e-artist.

«The one who is one step ahead»

Konstantinos Pappas


Konstantinos is a programmer. And as a true programmer he decided to find the most efficient solution to what he was assigned. The instruction was clear: The text should have a certain number of words and talk about it. So he did. But as it usually happens in a programmer’s life, it’s not enough to do what you’re asked, but what they want and don’t know how to ask you. His dream is to taste the best burger ever. He works at SatiSupp until his dream comes true.

«The one with a vision»

Vangelis Verbis


Vangelis, born in 1993, despite his studies as an Electrical Engineer. He quickly realized his passion for e-commerce. His entrepreneurial activity started early in his student years as he had his own online store through the eBay platform. Vangelis has been on board with us since 2018 as Operation Manager and demonstrates daily to us his love for e-commerce, his creativity, his ideas for the largest e-commerce platform, like Amazon and his love for travel that inspire his business mind

«The lover of numbers»

Dimitris Paxinos


Dimitris is a graduate of the Marketing & Communication Department at the Athens University of Economics and Business. He has worked in the Public Relations and Corporate Communication department of Mondelez International as well as in the Marketing department of Thrace Mills. Lover of numbers and analysis, rumor has it that he calculates ROI & Margin in his sleep. As stable as he is in the performance, he wants the clients to have, he is as unstable in his musical choices with his playlist featuring everything from metal to folk. He works with us as an Amazon Account Manager at SatiSupp.

«The fun guy»

Vangelis Dalaperas


Vangelis, also known as “Evangelos”, was born in 1995 and is a graduate in the field of Electronics and more specifically specializes as an Electronic Systems and Networks Technician. In his career so far, he has worked in several industries, but the “world” of e-commerce won him over and that’s how he ended up at SatiSupp, as Sales & Account Manager. Of course, he is convinced that his colleagues would not have had the same fun without his presence in the workplace. Evangelos thus discovers new aspects and skills of himself through e-commerce and SatiSupp.

«The one who loves what she does»

Danae Volika


Danae is a graduate of the Marketing & Communication department at the Athens University of Economics and Business. After completing her studies, she realized that working in e-commerce is really what she loves to do. Looking for a professional opportunity that will develop her skills, she declares that she is very happy to work at SatiSupp as an Amazon Account Manager. Rumor has it that her dream is to permanently be on a beach with a cocktail, but until she achieves that she will attempt to conquer the Amazon world.

«The traveler»

Manos Banousis


Manos was born in 2000 in Athens and studied at the Marketing and Communication Department of the Athens University of Economics and Business. Before starting at SatiSupp as Amazon Sales & Account Manager, he spent a semester of Erasmus studies in the Netherlands, where he traveled to 3 countries in 3 days. Now, having found his passion for travel and e-commerce, he is here to guide you through all the different Amazon marketplaces

«The humorist»

Vassilis Dimopoulos


Born in the distant or not, 1998, Vassilis is a graduate of the Department of Philology of the University of Peloponnese in the city of Kalamata. He is currently doing his master’s degree remotely, again at the University of the Peloponnese, specializing in the study of Modern History, which justifies (as he says) the very fast pace of sentences he speaks in a conversation. From a relatively young age, he started working in the retail sector, reaching department head levels, an experience that accompanied him to his current position as a Sales Representative in our company. Apart from the unjustified cold humor that characterizes him, he likes any proactive communication that can exist between people, good food and declares himself to be a fan of sports.

«The SoMe addicted»

Konstantina Karaboitis


Konstantina, born in Kalamata, is still stydying at the Marketing and Communication Department of the Athens University of Economics and Business. As a millennial she is passionate about social media. She loves to make stories about her favorite landscapes and no one eats what they ordered before taking a picture of it for Instagram. With her elegant look, she is now transmitting this passion to SatiSupp.