Our mantra is relatively simple; “Help YOU establish a lucrative Amazon business”. There’s no beating around the bush, or false promises; we provide you with our best tools to spy on your competitors and stand out from the crowd!


One of the most important, yet most overlooked aspect!

The actual percentage of times a keyword should appear in your listing based on the TOP Sellers!

Keyword Density
Listing Builder


Once we’ve assisted you in sourcing effective keywords that are 100% going to supercharge your SALES, we can then sit down and start to bulk up your listing. Keywords will be cleverly inserted into the title, embedded into the product description and marvelously structured into bullet points…


Following on from your incredibly built listing going live on the Amazon market, you can monitor your listing to check how well it is performing. Various aspects of the listing will be scrutinized so we can either improve it or keep it as it is, depending on the results. The features that will be analyzed are the title, photos, description, bullet points, review rating and the number of reviews. After this, you will get your listing score together with intelligent improvement tips to BOOST those SALES!

Listing Checker
Product Launch


Although keywords are super advantageous; launching your product on Amazon in conjunction with an effective and tactical promotional campaign to really place your product under the spotlight for all to see can work wonders!